Review on 3 Designs

The first design i have chosen is the furthest left which is a poster by Wolfgang Weingart. i have chosen this poster as i feel it is a very appealing and interesting design. i like the positioning of all the text and the different sizing of the fonts as it seems to show the importance in the hierarchy of the image as it has the title of the advertisement on a blank background drawing your attention towards it straight away. The only thing i dislike about this design is the use of colours and how the have used colours that seem to sink into the background and become quite hard to read.

The second image i chose was the middle image which was again another poster. This poster from what i believe is advertising a museum in Zurich, but again Wolfgang has gone for a very different style and approach to his design. I really like this design as i feel it has a lot of movement to it and is very interesting to look at. I like the way he has altered the letter spacing in this image as the word ‘gewerbe’ and ‘Kunst’ clearly have different sizes in the spacing which gives it much more movement. again the only thing i dislike about this image are the colours and how i find it slightly difficult to read at times.

the third image i have chosen if the furthest right, i find this image very unique and engaging. i like this poster as i feel they have used a good contrast between the image and text. Wolfgang in this design as really experimented with the positioning of the text, by aligning some to the right and some to the left, letting the audience’s eyes wonder around the page. i like the use of colours in this page as well as i feel it relates a lot towards the era of when it was created. I dislike how plain the text is in this design though as i feel he could have used different typefaces to perhaps make this design slightly more appealing.


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