This is a website for Chelsea Football Club, this website is primarily used by the fans and supporters of the club. The layout to the website is very basic and very appealing at first glance as they use the colours of the team as the main colour theme for the website. The website is fairly easy to navigate as it has at the top clear icons guiding the viewers into the right path, they have also used imagery to make things much more clearer for the viewers to navigate their way around the site. The main source of attention is the box in the center of the screen when you first enter the website, which contains all the latest news. This is very effective as the website must be eye catching for the viewer as they will just scan the page, so having the news box at the top of the hierarchy is very important. If the viewer entered the website via a different page it would be very easy to find their way back to the home page as when clicked onto a different page there is still the tool page at the top of the page helping to viewer easily navigate their way around the website still. The website uses a very basic typeface throughout the on goings of the website which possibly means that the imagery on the website is what the designers want the audience to look at first then glance through the text. i think this is very helpful in a website because if an image attracts your eye then you want to read on which is mainly how the website works in this case. This website also has lots of different things for different types of target audience for example they have chat rooms for the fans to discuss, they have games for the kids to play etc. which helps make the website open to all kinds of viewers. I also looked at this website on my mobile to see how it was structured any different, i noticed that when i went on my mobile to look at the website it was much more text heavy and slightly more confusing to use. I think that this was mainly because of the size difference from a computer screen to a mobile phone, so the designers had to adjust the screen and information to help it fit in better with the device. as well as a mobile setting for the website i also gathered that they had an app for the website, which was much easier to use, the app was much more basic than the website for computers as it was adjust for the mobiles and made easier to navigate, as you can see from this image i uploaded.


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