This is a website for a clothing store called Superdry. As this website is a website selling products, its structure and design is much more different to other websites. When you first go into the website all it has at the top bar is Men and Women, and pictures promoting the new in stock products. When the viewers hovers over either the Men or the Women symbol a drop down bar appears with categories within that area, helping the audience navigate their way around the website much more freely and helping them find what they want much easier, i feel this is mainly because when people come onto a clothing website they know what they are looking for, so the designers help them find the products easily so they can buy them. The pages are all very similar and are very easy to use as they all start off the same, with a slideshow of images scrolling along the top and all the products within the category below. When the viewer is on each page there is also ways the Superdry logo positioned in the top left corner of the page where the viewer can click that to find their way back to the home page instead of continuously pressing back. At the top right of the page the website has the amount that the buyer currently has in their ‘Basket’, so the buyer knows how much all there products are amounting up to, if the audience click the price it will take them to there basket where they can look, and remove some of the items they have placed in there. The website for this company is very basic but appealing, as with all the images the viewer can see exactly what they are buying, with having a black background it feel it helps make a lot of their products stand out a lot more. I also looked on my mobile to see if the site was much different and i noticed that the website is very much the same as it is on a computer but with just two categories of men and women on the front in bigger links so it is much easier to click than clicking a small bar at the top of the screen. the mobile site is much easier to navigate than the computer site though as it is much more basic and simple.


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