Considerations To My Site …

When it comes to designing my website, there will be many things I will need to take into consideration whilst planning the design of my website. I feel the most important thing for my website is the layout, I feel that an eye catching and engaging layout will help the audience want to carry on looking through my website and find out more about it. By doing this mainly I feel that the website would need to have to most important/appealing things on the home page, so it is the first thing the audience see’s when they enter the site. Doing this will help keep the audience’s attention and make them possibly want to browse through the site. I thought possibly the most successful way of doing this would be by having my Best work from each categories on the homepage of my site so the audience immediately know what sort of work they will be expecting.

But as well as an eye catching layout, I feel that the website needs to be easy to navigate. Making the site easy to navigate will also help the audience stay on the site, as they will be browsing through easily without getting frustrated figuring out how to get from one place to the other. I noticed that the majority of websites use their logo in the top left/right corner of the website, where people can click it to return to the home page, I feel this could be useful when designing my website, I also noticed that they have category listings along the top helping the audience find what they are looking for much easier. I thought I could use something like this for having for example, My Photography, My Designs, About Me etc. If I were to have a link labelled ‘About Me’ it would basically be a brief summary of what I do, or am planning to do, and what I have done in the past to get to the stage I am at now. But again I would still want this page to be visually attractive so the viewer is still engaged into my website.

The main thing to think about when designing my website is to always keep the audience engaged and make them want to see all my work and read my bio, helping them understand a lot more about me and my work. By doing this I will need to try and think about these factors and try to make it as easy and entertaining for the audience as I can. 


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