DougHarrisDesign …

DougHarrisDesign …


The Navigation on this website is very interesting as the page has the search bars towards the left hand side of the page where they stay when scrolling down the page so the viewer can still search for something else when half way down the page. The website has the logo in the top left of the page where if clicked will take the viewer straight back to the home page instead of continuously pressing back space, I find this very helpful as it helps the audience navigate there way round much easier.


The Design of this website is very basic and simple as it doesn’t really have much information on it, making it much simpler. I like the way the designer has designed the page though, as I feel it is very simple but still manages to catch the audience’s attention, I feel this is mainly because of the large images of their work which are easily available to scroll through. I think that this design is effective as it can help the audience look through the work without leaving the page so they can look at something else straight after looking through some images. I like the way that the search bars are on the side of the page instead of along the top as it makes it look much different to other websites, and makes it look unique, but I also like the way it stays in the same place so the viewer doesn’t have to keep scrolling to the top of the page to search for things.


This website is very influential as I feel that the way it is designed to a look different is very effective as it makes it stand out much more, I feel using a design similar to this would help me in creating a useful and engaging site for my work.


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