TepTek …

TepTek …


The Navigation for this website is very unique and effective as by finding what you want you have to click a box with an image of what it is you are looking for. This website has made it very easy to navigate as once you have chosen what it is you want to look at it stays on the same page and scrolls down on its own, but if the user wants to get back to the homepage they then click the home simple on the blocks on the side of the website, I find this very effective and helps keep the audience interested. The user can also click the blocks to choose what page they want to go onto to view things, and because of this the viewer doesn’t have to press the backspace button as it is all on one page.


The Design of this website is very unique but I feel it is also very effective as it is all based around one theme and has stuck to the theme throughout the whole design of the website. I like the way that the website is all on one page as it is much quicker and easier to navigate the way around, but the only thing is that before you enter the website you have to wait for it to load up due to all the content being on one page. But I find that once it has all loaded it is a very effective design, as it helps keep the user entertained and helps the user want to continue looking through.


This website is very influential as I feel it is a very design and structure around it which could help me in designing my website as I feel that this website is very easy to navigate around and also very interesting to browse through as it a continuous page but in different sections which helps make it much more interesting. 


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