TwoPointDesign …

 TwoPointDesign …


The navigation for this site is very basic and very easy to get around as it just has images of what you want to look at on the homepage. When you hover over the images it also comes up with a little description of what the image is so you can click it to find out more on it. Once the viewer has clicked the image is has also lets you click through the other images without coming of the page also helping the viewer navigate their way through the work of the person making it easier to view.


The design of the website is quite unique but also effective as it is very basic but engaging. I like the way everything on the page is the same colour until you hover over something, where it then changes colour making it the most dominating image on the page and making the viewer want to see more of it. At the home page of the website they also have news on the designer and also quotes from recent clients which also help the page look more professional and also making it look better. The website also has bars along the top helping the viewer find anything else they want to look for which helps make it easier to navigate and also makes the page look slightly more professional.  The design of the page is very effective and could help me when it comes to designing my website.


This website is very influential as I feel the design and layout of it is very effective. I particularly like the home page where it is all one colour and hovering over things activate a colour, this is something I could consider in using in my design as I feel it could help make my work stand out more. I also like how simple the website is but how professional it looks also.


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