Designing a website …

  • Create a Root Folder
  • Open Dreamweaver and click manage site 
  • Name the site without using spaces or numbers
  • Browse to find the root folder 
  • Create a new HTML page and save it in the root folder as Index.html
  • Open a new CSS page and link it to the html page (Always link from the HTML page)
  • Click Insert, Layout Object, then div-tag on the drop down bar
  • Give the div-tag an appropriate name in the ID box
  • Create another div-tag but click after tag, after the one before
  • Click inside the header and click new CSS rule 
  • Alter the positioning and change it to Absolute
  • Then enter the height and width of size you want the div-tags 
  • For the first div tag have top 0 and left 0 then edit the rest depending on the positioning of the other tags
  • Alter the colours of the div-tags of your choice
  • Save as Index.html
  • Open in all browsers to check if its ok.

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