Tim Walker Discussion

The Tim Walker exhibition in Somerset House, he revealed his latest and most creative pieces of work, where he creates out of the ordinary photographs from life size Planes flying through the walls, to overly sized china doll. Tim Walkers work is very personal to him as each photograph is a story, and he displays his work in a way that the audience can relate. In the exhibition Tim displayed a lot of the props used in the photographs, which really showed how much thought and planning went into the photographs. The way in which Tim Walker displayed his work was also very unique and appealing as instead of just a picture in a frame he made his work much more part of the exhibition, for example one room, Tim had taken a Photograph of a women standing in a room of sand, but had sand on the floor leading up to the display making it look as if the work was coming to life. Throughout the exhibition Tim had quotes on the walls that would relate to his work. The quotes would also be inspirational and what he thinks when he comes to creating his photographs, for example, the camera ‘is simply a box put between you and what you want to capture. These quotes where very inspirational when you were walking around viewing his work. The good thing with all of Tim Walkers photography is that not one single one of them have been digitally manipulated, meaning that everything in the pictures where all made just for the photo-shoot, which also means that a lot of his work would have been very expensive to create and very difficult to possibly set up and take.

We looked at some relevant video clips that we felt related towards Tim Walkers work. The first clip we looked at was called ‘Red shoes’ which was a ballet show which was about a girl wearing red shoes, the show was very similar towards the type of thing we expect to find with Tim Walkers work, as everything is very dream like. The clip contained clowns and sculptures that made the clip look like a dream turning into a nightmare and gave it the dream like feel about it. The set was also very out of the ordinary and very big, just like the style Tim Walker would approach.

The 2nd clip we watched was called ‘Science of Sleep’ which was a trailer for a film about a man who made his dreams come true, and not being able to tell dreams from reality. Again this clip was very relevant towards a lot of Tim Walkers work, as the trailer contained a lot of cut outs, collages and handmade sets. The style the film was made, helped related the film a lot towards the style of Tim Walker, which could be because they were influenced by his work. Another clip we also watched was a Mulberry advert which was actually designed by Tim Walker and used the overly sixed cut outs of animals in a room with a lady promoting the handbag being sold. The overly sized cut outs helped bring the theme back to the dream like theme Tim Walker tends to normally go for and the style of making everything look as if it were in a dream. i think this is very effective as it is very unusual to have in an advert, but with Tim’s style it is very engaging and very unique, which gets people talking about it.

The final clip we watched was a small section of a film called ‘Finding Never land’ this was a film based around the story Peter Pan, about the boy that never grew up. This was a very relatable story to base of Tim Walkers style and approach as it was basically just all dreamlike, with a girl asking the children to believe in fairies and helping them create a dreamlike land. the set ,once the wall was removed was very over the top and bold, a lot like most of Tim Walkers projects which help make the set stand out more and make it much more unique. I feel really like this style in this film, as it is very relatable to a lot of Tim Walkers work, as everything, once the walls have been lifted, is very over the top and very unusual. This style is a lot like Tim’s style and i think it is very effective.

In the slideshow i have created below, i have displayed some of Tim Walkers work that i feel really express his style and really emphasize the sort of photography that he produces. From these images it is clear that Tim Walker likes to use over the top props and large scale items that he can use with models. As none of his photographs are edited it is key for him to try and create something appealing and still very attractive. I really like the style Tim Walker uses as i feel it does help make the images look more realistic and interesting when you know that nothing has been edited in it. The photos i have inserted are some of my favorite from his work, as i like how creative and unusual they are which i think is very key to bare in mind for a photographer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall i feel that Tim Walkers style and the way he portrays his work is very effective and creative as it makes his photographs much more personal and unique, and they are also very recognizable. I think that Tim Walkers images are successful because they are all natural and haven’t been edited, which i think makes the images more interesting and  appealing. With the majority of Tim Walkers images i noticed that they are very over the top and that he uses a lot of large scale objects, which again helps make his designs much more appealing to his target audience and also helps make the photographs much more relatable to his style which i think is very important.


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