This week’s discussion was about Bauhaus. Bauhaus was an arts and crafts school located in Germany, where its objectives were to combine architecture, sculpture and painting together and produce a creative, unique final outcome. The school was founded by a man called Walter Gropius in 1919 just after the First World War had ended. A teacher at the school was artist Wasily Kandinsky, where he taught architecture and was he also creates some fantastic abstract pieces. The school had a lot of influences, but its main one was modern industry. The school opened just after the First World War ended.

We then decided on a question to have, that would help us with the discussion. We decided to use the question why do the Bauhaus consist of simple shapes and primary colours? We decided to use this question to start us off.

We started off talking about when the school was first opened, we knew it was originally opened in 1919 just after the first world war, but we then went on to talk about how it was later shut down in world war two by the Nazi’s. The schools main objective was create something new and unique but at the same time keeping things simple and minimalistic. We went on to talk about the companies ‘Manifesto’ and how they tried to combine various medias to create objects for everyday use, which was very similar to a project that they had once done which was to create a house and create everything that would go into it, but with the designs of the objects being simple and very contemporary. Wasily Kandinsky, a teacher at the school, created very abstract work, where we then learnt that in fact the shapes that Kandinsky drew were actually a reaction to the sound that he heard and the colours were linked to the shapes. He did this to show the public how he thought shapes and sounds related to colour. Bauhaus has changed a lot in the world today, as originally art schools used to consist of basic drawing and paintings of portraits etc. but since Bauhaus a lot of the schooling has changed massively, where schools now consist of Fine Art, Fashion Textiles, Graphic Design, Photography etc. Bauhaus made materials a lot more relatable to art, and made materials like clay, metal, cloth etc. a lot more suitable in the art industry.

We then went on to talk about something we learnt or found interesting about the discussion we had. I said that I found it incredible how, despite how short the school was running for in retrospective to other schools, how inspirational it was to the modern day of art. And how to this day Bauhaus is still one of the most inspirational styles of design, even though the building wasn’t around for that long it managed to revolutionize design to the present day.

Below are a collection of images i collected, that are Bauhaus themed. I decided to pick these images as i felt that they showed the Bauhaus theme the best, and really expressed the style of what Bauhaus is all about. From these images it is clear that Bauhaus consists of shapes and mainly the same colour pallet, which is normally Red, Black and White. I feel that these Bauhaus images are very effective as they are the traditional Bauhaus style, and they are very effective and creative. i really like the Bauhaus style as i feel it is very effective how they have contained shapes with text and colour to create effective and memorable designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall i feel that Bauhaus has been very inspirational throughout the years and has really helped change the world of design due to its very unique and different at its time. I feel that the way Bauhaus used a lot of shapes and minimal colour really made the whole era of design change, as people saw it as something different and more creative, and started to catch onto it, where i then feel it became global. As well as graphic design Bauhaus created furniture, which again i feel is something interesting to bare in mind as they possibly didn’t intend to have as much of an impact in design as they have, which i feel could have been one of the main reasons for them being so successful, as it was unintended.


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