Influences on the work of Neville Brody …


Neville Brody is one of the top names in the graphic design industry due to his style of work and the impact he has on the design industry. Brody is known mostly for his typography approach, a lot of Brody’s designs consist of very creative and different pieces of typography. Brody continues to break the visual boundaries and try to break new creative grounds, by doing this also making a name for himself as one of the leading Graphic Designers in the world. Brody, who studied at the London College of Printing, was always criticized during his time in education due to his creative mind and thinking outside the box, and mainly due to the college generally teaching basic and traditional printing methods. From an early age Brody showed talent and desire. In the 1980s Brody went on to work at ‘The Face Magazine’, which was a very popular magazine in the 1980s and was known as ‘The Fashion Bible’ where it “married music, popular culture, politics and street style with radical art direction and new fonts  …” where he worked as an art director from 1980 to 1993, where he gained a fair amount of attention on his work. When he left in the year 1993 he went on to creating his own studio ‘Neville Brody Studio’, which is now more commonly known as the ‘Research Studio’, which has blown up to becoming a global success, where there are now studios located in London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. Throughout Brody’s career he has also brought into the design industry, over 20 different typefaces, which has helped changed the change the design industry to this day.

Neville Brody, who was born in 1957, grew up in an era where punk was at its peak. A lot of this would have helped influence Brody onto some of the work he has created today. With the beginning of punk rock and the style of Punk really taking off in this era, Brody was able to take this era as a guiding stone and take ideas from this era helping him become one of the greatest designers in the Industry today. This style had a massive influence on a lot of Neville Brody’s work as it was very modern in that time and very different as a lot of the designs in that era stuck to the certain rules of design, whereas Neville Brody seemed to bend the rules slightly and create things that were much more appealing towards his target audience. I feel that a lot of Neville Brody’s work reflects on the style of punk and is very different. His work all seems to be very bold and different, and usually much more type heavy, which compared to a lot of the work back then that he designing with, was much different and eye catching. This is mainly one of the main reasons I feel that Neville Brody has gained the reputation he has today, mainly due to the way he breaks the rules isn’t afraid to be the trend setter.

As well as being influenced by Punk rock, Brody was also believed to be influenced by Dadaism, which is very similar to a lot of the work he has produced today. Brody like the style and technique used in Dadaism which is possibly one of the reasons why he designs a lot of his work the way he does today. Just like Neville Brody’s work Dadaism is very typographic and very different, they tend to use type heavy designs with abstract images, and a lot like some of the work Neville Brody has designs in his career. I feel that this design technique was very effective and useful in the upcoming of Brody as it is clear that it was an influence to his work, mainly due to the similarities in their work, the only difference is their work each have their own touches of personality to them . As well as being abstract and Typographic his work is very political this may be down to the style of pop art that was also a very popular style of design in the era of Brody’s upbringing. Pop art was one of Brody’s biggest influences due to it being quite political and very abstract. When looking as some of Neville Brody’s work it is clear that pop art was a key influence in his life, as a lot of his work does consist of the bright colours and unusual style that is often seen when looking at pop art. Pop art has definitely helped Brody in experimenting with different colours and making some of his work much more appealing and eye catching to a wider range of audience. I feel that his influences have really helped Brody in becoming what he has today.

Neville Brody is a well-rounded graphic designer that has not just focused on one area in the design world but has managed to test his limits by trying all different styles of design which would defiantly help him in the long run and which have defiantly helped him becoming one of the leading Graphic Designers in the world today. I feel from Neville Brody’s influences, whether it be Punk Rock, Pop Art or Dadaism, Brody has managed to take these techniques as guidelines and create his own work that will inspire and influence other young graphic designers. – Neville Brody’s Start – Neville Brody’s main influences – Quote on Face Magazine -Research on Neville Brody – Dadaism – Pop Art




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