Editing the appearance of your Div tags …

  • To change the appearances firstly highlight what you want to change 
  • Then create a new CSS rule and make an ‘A’ tag
  • Go onto your CSS page in Dreamweaver and copy and paste the rule four times, so you can edit the appearance differently for each link.

Now change each ‘A’ tags headings using in the following order;

  • a:link – this changes the general appearance of the link.
  • a:visited – this changes the appearance when you’ve already visited it.
  • a:hover – this changes the appearance when your mouse is hovering over the link.
  • a:active – this changes the appearance when you are currently using the link.


  • With these you can edit the Sizing, colour and typeface making it much more appropriate for your website.
  • Make sure the link headings are in order otherwise the CSS rule won’t work properly

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