Push Pin Studios

This week’s discussion was about Push Pin Studios. Push Pin studios started in 1954 and was based in the city of New York in America. It was a design agency that was created by 3 well known artists today Milton Glaser, Seymour Chwast and Edward Sorel. Milton Glaser is known for his iconic work of the ‘I ❤ New York’ logo he created and Seymour and Edward where also well-known artists from this era. Push Pins where well known for making successful things such as posters, magazines and record sleeves.

For this discussion we decided to talk about why Push Pin Studios Stick to the illustrative style and not the harsh style of the time.

We started off discussing about push pin and what they had done across the years to get to where they are at now. We talked about how push pins originally started off as just a magazine designed by four graduates who later on decided that they should start their own design agency. We noticed a lot of things in Push Pin designs that were relatable to the era they were around. and we started to talk about the musical ‘Grease’, as from some of the clips we were shown, some people felt it was quite relevant to the film. We also picked up on the influences this era had on the designs such as, music, cars, dance, fashion, diners etc. which, we felt, could have been one of the main reasons Push Pins started to create record sleeves. We also talked about how the music could have influenced the company with their designs. we felt that the design of push pins was very bold and they used a lot of bright colours and block shapes, which then also led us on to talk about the International Style., and how the designs where very similar to Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism with the use of shapes and colours. Other designs we felt could have influenced Push Pins was Paul rand, who was very famous for his IBM logo and using simple shapes and colours.

We began to discuss the typography used in the push pin designs, and we talked about how the typeface was very bold and block like and that the font fit well within the International Style. We also looked at a famous Push Pin poster called ‘End Bad Breath’ which was a poster of Big Sam that was publicized around during World War 2. Which then led us all on to believe that Push Pin where in fact about the war. This poster was about the social comment that became a theme throughout most of the designs the Push Pins later produced. This then brought us on to talking about other relevant things that were happening at the time of Push Pin, and we mentioned racism that was a massive talking point back then, which then also led us onto believing that a lot of push pins designs could have been influenced by this. Push Pin then became an agency instead of just a magazine. We also talked about the style of push pin and how they were massively influenced by pop art and comic books, which is quite clear when you look through the designs that push pins have produced throughout the years, from the use of colours and shapes and the style of their designs.

We then all discussed what we had learnt or what we found interesting about the discussion. I said that I found it interesting how push pins was created by 3 designers that originally just made magazines, but due to their unique style and originality furthered into becoming and agency.

I decided to insert a slideshow containing some of Push Pins designs, that i felt where the most successful and interesting. I chose these images as i felt that they where the most important images that show the sort of style push pin normally take, as they tend to use a lot more colours in their designs unlike Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism. From this slideshow a lot of their work is hand created, as a lot of the images in them look very hand drawn, which i think is why they where very successful as their work was very different to the style of design in the past.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall i feel that Push Pins was very inspirational and creative. I feel that because the creators of Push Pin have become successful designers now, it helps give the company the popularity it deserves. i really like the Push Pin Studios style as i feel it was very different and was really unique to what the style was back in the time of when it started. i really like how all of their work looks as if it was hand created which i think gives it that much more personal feel and also helps make the design look much more appealing towards all sets of audience. i think that Push Pins was successful as it was different and was very unique to what design looked like back then and also it was created by 3 top designers.


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