Propaganda …

This week’s discussion was about Propaganda and how it influential it has been to modern day graphic design. The discussion was based around what propaganda is and how it is used to manipulate people.


Propaganda is a way to convince citizens by false information or twisting the truth, it was a very successful technique used mainly throughout World War 2, were the government used the media to try and convince the public to join the army and serve their country in the war, they made out that the people that didn’t join the army where selfish and bad for not wanting to join, they also made people look down on them. It made the public believe that everything the government was right and for the good, which was sort of brainwashing the public into believing anything the government said. A lot of the designs where very emotionally attached and normally got the public questioning whether what they were doing was wrong. Propaganda was also heavily linked to the designs of Russian Revolution and Russian Constructivism, mainly because of the colours used and the style of the designs. The way propaganda was used in WW2 has been very effective and has affected advertisements now, as they still use Propaganda but just notas heavily as it was possibly used back during the war. A lot of advertising now is still quite persuasive and still twist the truth to try and convince the public into buying something. A lot of charities tend to use this technique by making you feel guilty and make you donate money to the charities. It makes the public think all the money they donate goes to charities when in fact only a certain amount is donated to the charities and the organization keep the rest. The Barrack Obama poster about hope is possibly one most iconic images of recent propaganda around at the moment, as since the World War it wasn’t really been used that much to persuade peoples opinions. The poster is very effective as it does make the public believe there is hope, but the propaganda comes into it when because it is making the public believe that voting for Obama will bring hope to their country.


Propaganda isn’t necessarily bad, it is just perceived as bad due to the way it was used in bad ways in the past. Can be the truth in some occasions, but it is the way that the government and the media portray it to how the audience tend to see it. It is a very effective technique, as it does tend to help the government get a message across and get what they want, by sort of brain washing the audience into believing anything they want them to believe.

i have inserted in this slideshow below, images from World War 2, that where classed as propaganda. i decided to chose these images as they are one of the most famous examples of propaganda and i feel that they really express what propaganda is. These posters where displayed around the UK and giving the public false or in accurate information that would manipulate them into doing what the country wanted them to do. I feel the posters are very creative as they are very artistic which would help make the public want to see what the poster is advertising. I feel because of this style being involved in propaganda, it never really caught on, but instead just became art.

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Overall i feel that the Propaganda posters where, in a way, very creative and where very inspirational for other designers, as it sort of gave them all a guideline of how to engage the audiences attention and also how they people could manipulate people into thinking how the designer thinks. i feel the work is very interesting as well, as each of the posters where very detailed and have a lot of time put into them, where as now it would be more digitally based. Personally i feel the propaganda designs are very creative as it can grab the attention of the public and can help change their mind, through just the art of design.


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