For this project I was asked to create a web site design for my portfolio, I would have to successfully create my links and design for my website. The target audience for my website would be 16-35+, and anyone who is interested in graphic design. The website will be displaying work of mine from the first and second year of college. With my website I felt that I met all the outcomes of the brief, as I have complete what has been asked successfully, with my tutorials and also a fully functional website.

With this project I have learnt a lot of different techniques and skills throughout. As creating a website was new for me, everything was basically new for me. I used Dreamweaver to create my website which was something different for me, where I had to insert Divtags, Images and Text. To place the images into my website I had to edit them in Photoshop and save them to web, which again was also different for me as I had to play around with the settings and pixels etc.  I feel that I successfully completed all of these outcomes and also inserted all my information correctly. At first I had to draw up some initial thumbnails that would help me when it came to creating the layouts in InDesign, software I am familiar with. And once my layout was complete I would then progress my designs in Dreamweaver.

I researched a variety of different websites from a lot of different agencies, where I felt helped me in creating a lot of my designs. I looked at a lot of different types of websites from sport to fashion, so I could get an insight how a lot of companies layout their sites. A lot of these websites helped gave me my inspiration for when it came to creating my website, as I felt that a lot of them where very creative and different, and some of the designs where very simple and effective. Through my work it is clear a lot of my designs and layouts are from inspiration from my research that has inspired me.

For my final designs I felt the home page was possibly my most successful feature, as I managed to make the image into a link and also use navigation along the top of the site that would take the viewer to different parts of my website. I also felt that my portfolio page, where the boxes of my work where, was also very successful as it was very easy to navigate your way through. I felt that once the viewer accessed a lot of my work it was very easy navigate your way through, back to home and other parts of my website. The hardest part of the project was possibly working in Dreamweaver and getting used to it, as I felt it was very difficult to use, but once I had got the hang of it I find it very effective and useful. If I was to improve anything in the project it would possibly be placing more appropriate images into my website, as I felt some of them where awkward sizes and I had to adjust a lot of my Divtags to fit in with them. I felt this project went very well and I felt that I met the outcomes of the brief and I created an effective and useful website for my portfolio.


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