Wolfgang Weingart and New Wave Design

This weeks discussion I had to talk about Wolfgang Weingart and New Wave Design. New Wave Design is a style of typography which commonly break the rules of typography by usually using different typefaces, inconsistent letter spacing, unusual positioning of the lettering etc. Wolfgang is one of the most famous artists in the New Wave Design area, as he is known for popularizing it in the USA. To this day is looked upon as one of the best graphic designs for his methods and knowledge. Wolfgang was born in Germany in 1941, where he then grew up to become an independent graphic designer and teach many students, at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel, about graphic design using his methods and strategies.

“I took ‘Swiss Typography’ as my starting point, but then I blew it apart, never forcing any style upon my students. I never intended to create a “style.” – WolfGang Weingart

Since the time of Wolfgang Weingart many other artists/designers where influenced in the area of New Wave Design. Dan Friedman is another famous Graphic Designer categorized in this department, who was around in the early 1970s. Dan Friedman is well known by graphic designers as an inspiration as he is referred as one of the people who created what is known as the new typography in the United States. Wolfgang revolutionized the style of typography to what it is today, and really changed the way a lot of artists and designers went about with their designs. At the time Wolfgangs work was very inspirational for everyone in this field of work as it was a new and improved strategy of going about typography. His style has changed the style of typography that people use today and will use for times to come.

For this weeks discussion we decided to discuss why Weingart did created something different but never intended to make it a style.

As a group we started to discuss the style of Weingart work and we discussed the way he designed a lot of his work. We talked about the typographic elements he used, and how he would set up his design, printed, cut up and rearranged the design to create a new format that is commonly known today as the New Wave Design. He used a lot of photocopying techniques and half tone printing to add effect on the designs, and also collage techniques that had caught on quickly and was starting being seen in art and design in this era. We discussed how Weingart was influenced a lot by punk, as this was the style when he was designing, we looked at some of his work and found it clear that this was possibly one of his main influences, as a lot of his work related and had the same theme as a lot of the punk styled work, this style was also known as post modernism. We then also discussed how we felt his work became an international style, if it was unintended to, and we came to the conclusion that Weingart possibly told his students to create new and creative, where they then left and shared the his ideas around the world. Weingart never stuck to the grid and a lot of his work was less structured and would bleed off the page and he would also play around with the layers and positioning.

below i have decided to create a slideshow of some of my favorite Wolfgang Weingart work. i decided to choose the images i have also because i feel these really express what i have been talking about with his designs, and how he breaks the rules to create something much more unique and different. with these designs it is clear to see that he tends to ignore the grid rule by over laying images and using collages to break up the design. I feel a lot of this work i have displayed is very different to one another in the aspect of colour and layout, but the style is always consistant and he tends to always use this same type of style. it is also clear that his work is heavily influenced by punk, as you can see from the rip paper and bold text.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall i feel that Weingart has revolutionized the style of design to what it is today, as he has used a lot of different techniques that would be considered as  breaking the rules, but has successfully arranged them to create effective and inspirational designs. i feel what Wolfgang has done is very effective as he has shown the world that it is more effective to create your own work, rather than following a trend. i also like that fact that Wolfgang unintentionally created a style that has influenced a lot of designers in the industry today.


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